Atheist Myth of the Week 2/21/11

Atheists are afraid of death and are cowards when it comes to death. There are no atheists in foxholes.

This is wrong on so many grounds. First of all, I am no more or less afraid of death since my religion changed, If not, I’m less afraid because I know that I’m more likely just going to fade away and depending on my death it could be very peaceful and relaxing. The idea of non-existence is scary but I think the prospect for living forever is equally if not more frightening. It should be natural to not want to die, especially if you’re not done with your life. Christians seem more willful to die, and in some cases actually want to die just to go to heaven. However near death things change… In fact, religious people are over three times to get aggressive end of life treatment for a terminal illness.¹ These attempts to live often end in vain. I think it shows that they go through the realization of death when it’s almost too late.




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