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Why wasn’t the UN harsh enough on Japan?

So I saw in my news feed widget that the Japanese whalers stopped their “scientific research”, also known as whaling under the guise of scientific research and then selling and stockpiling whale meat. Thanks to the environmentalist group “Sea Shepard” (who also has a show on discovery called Whale Wars) they stopped this horrific practice of killing whales to extinction.

But the more I think about this, the more I realize, why hasn’t the UN been taking more progressive action?

This provision to only kill whales for scientific research is so vague and unenforced that everyone claims scientific research and harpoons them to extinction. I understand the UN has only so much power, but I don’t think that they are powerless to Japan. One of the worst things about the UN is the fact that almost all of its power is indirect through boycotts and sanctions against countries. The problem is, often with the polluter nations these consequences for spewing out CO2 are nonexistent, any other punishments never happen either. So, the poor whales die. =(

Japan has been repeatedly ignoring the crisis and the UN follows. Whether the UN has the power to stop this is unknown but they clearly haven’t tried. Regardless, something needs to be done. My advice, help save a whale. You’re not some wacko hippie if you care about the environment, you’re someone in the world we don’t have enough of.


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